Ánnásuolo - The Sami legacy

Ánnásuolo was given its name from a small fishing village, a hidden gem, at the coast of Finnmark and the northernmost county of Norway. Ánnásuolo performs original music featuring original lyrics while interpreting poetry of the late, great Sami poet Nils-Aslak Valkeapää. John-Kåre Hansen, guitarist and Ánnásuolo founder composes the New-Sami music of Ánnásuolo. The songs consist of elements from as well traditional Sami folk music to jazz, pop and electronica.

Being with the band since the beginning in 2016 lead singer Marianne Pentha and original drummer Jakop Janssønn left the group in 2019. Post-covid the band had it's re-start, presenting new lead singer Inger Johanne Oskal and drummer Jonas Karlsen at the Smeltedigelen Music Festival in Mo i Rana, September 30th 2021. The grand re-opening was a collaboration between Ánnásuolo and the 30 piece choir Haukneskoret.

About 20000 people speak the Sami language of the indigenous people of the north. Ánnásuolo puts the old language into a modern musical context.



Inger Johanne Oskal, vocals

John-Kåre Hansen, guitar and vocals

Eirik Fjelde, keyboards

Svein Schultz, bass

Jonas Karlsen, drums