Ánnásuolo - The Sami legacy

Ánnásuolo was given its name from a small fishing village, a hidden gem, at the coast of the northernmost county of Norway. Ánnásuolo gives us original music featuring lyrics of the late, great Sami poet Nils-Aslak Valkeapää. John-Kåre Hansen, guitarist and Ánnásuolo founder, is the writer of the band's music. The songs consist of elements from as well traditional Sami folk music to jazz, pop and electronica.

With this band Ánnásuolo vocalist Marianne Pentha is taking back her never learned native Sámi language through the music while showing us her impressive vocal skills. Pentha’s primary career as a backup singer for several of Norway’s most profiled artists has led her to a natural place as a band leader thus the experienced singer has indeed featured as a soloist on both primetime TV as well as being lead vocalist together with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (KORK).

About 20000 people speak the Sami language of the indigenous people of the north. And even though lead singer Pentha grew up with her father speaking Sámi, she never learned to speak it properly herself. Now she’s taking the legacy back and is singing in Sámi together with Ánnásuolo.



Marianne Pentha, vocals

John-Kåre Hansen, guitar and vocals

Eirik Fjelde, keyboards

Svein Schultz, bass

Jakop Janssønn, drums